1.08.2020 – 20.08.2020

Vyksa AiR is hosting an exhibition by Alexey Pavlov: Zhivlovka
In the summer of 2010, forest fires of unprecedented scale raged in central Russia. The Nizhny Novgorod region turned out to be one of the most affected regions. The combustion zone stretched for hundreds of thousands of hectares and spread over eleven settlements.

On Thursday, 29 July 2010, the village of Verkhnyaya Vereya, formerly called Giblovka, burned down entirely as a result of forest fires due to its proximity to dense forests and swampy peat bogs.

Those disastrous events, their prerequisites and consequences became the subject of research by Alexey Pavlov, a participant of the Vyksa Artist-in-Residence programme, who went to Verkhnyaya Vereya in search of evidence and archival materials. He interviewed the witnesses of the fires and used their memories in his work. Rethinking their stories, the artist attempts to transfer the viewers in time and space and bring them closer to the experiences of the witnesses. In his work, Pavlov reaches beyond traditional documentary photography by expanding the range of techniques and turning to collage, digital overlay and photographic reconstruction.

The exhibition will also showcase archival materials and artefacts that were used by Alexey in the course of researching for the project.

Alexey Pavlov is a documentary photographer and artist. Born in the village of Borogontsy (Yakutia), Pavlov lives and works in St Petersburg. His artistic practise revolves around the themes of identity and social interaction in the post-Soviet space.

Pavlov graduated from the Ural State Law University and studied at the Docdoc School of Contemporary Photography. He is a Member of the Russian Union of Photographers (since 2019) and a recipient of the World Biennial of Student Photography prize. Pavlov's works were published in The Calvert Journal, Lenta.ru, Ogonyok, Zapovednik, etc.

Won and/or was shortlisted for: the World Biennial of Student Photography, PhotoVisa, Bogota Photo Prize, Bar Tur Photo Award, The Eddie Adams Workshop, The VII Academy Seminar.
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