We welcome all artists from across the globe, regardless of age, nationality or techniques and mediums they work in. The duration of the residency is 4–8 weeks
Conditions of Stay
Terms of Participation
Duration of stay: 4–8 weeks, depending on the length of research and project production.

Grant for production: up to 50,000 RUB.

  • Accommodation: a bedroom with an en-suite in the Vyksa AiR building.

  • Access to a lounge, a study, a kitchen with all mod cons, and all things necessary for comfortable residence and working on a project.

  • Vyksa AiR boasts a private apple orchard, which can be used for picnics and outdoor activities, as well as a 20 sq.m. artist's studio.

  • Materials and equipment: please contact us to check the available equipment and discuss the purchase of necessary materials in advance of your residency.

We allocate up to 30,000 RUB for the materials.

*Additional expenses: Vyksa AiR reimburses travel costs of up to 5,000 RUB. This usually covers train tickets and a taxi from the nearest train station (Navashino).
The next step of the programme is conducting a masterclass/workshop or a lecture on any subject of choice. It is crucial that we do not merely introduce the resident to the audience, but foster a dialogue that would engage the community in the creative process. We want Vyksa natives to get the ins and outs of the artist's work and, when possible, participate in putting together a new project.
Final Project
At the end of their stay, Vyksa AiR residents should sum up the results of their research and work for the final exhibition (or any other form of presentation). We encourage the artists to analyze their experience at the residency and share the outcome with the local community.
Introduction of our resident artists to the local community is among the residency's main objectives as it is one the few platforms in Vyksa that holds cultural events, instrumental to forging new connections and integrating locals into the international cultural process.
Welcome Lecture
The OMK Foundation may acquire or purchase selected works, created in residency. Works will be considered for our collection on a case-by-case basis.
Tatiana Efrussi, from the People's House of the Iron Rose series, 2019
What are the selection criteria?
The residency focuses on executing projects by professional artists. Therefore, when selecting projects for participation, we pay close attention to the CV, portfolio, and, above all, the proposed concept as well as whether it would fit within the specified time frame. Priority is given to applications that propose engaging with the local community and context. The successful applications are selected by the panel of experts by secret ballot.
How do I receive the grant money?
Half of the grant's amount is paid within 5 work days of the resident's arrival in Vyksa upon signing the contract. The remaining half is paid within 5 work days of signing the work completion certificate, which is normally done on the last day of the residency.
How do you reimburse travel expenses?
We wire the agreed amount to the resident's card within 7 days upon the submission of accounting documents (tickets and receipts) and signing the work completion certificate, which is normally done on the last day of the residency.
How can I buy the necessary materials?
Make a list or place an order with payment by bank transfer and delivery to Vyksa. In this case, you will find the materials in the workshop on your arrival. You can also buy and bring them along yourself – in this case, Vyksa AiR will still pay via bank transfer (we will issue you the power of attorney to collect the articles from the shop). If you have a different arrangement in mind, please discuss it with the residency coordinator in advance.
Can I bring collaborators or family?
Vyksa AiR encourages group residencies, as well as guests and family members visiting. Please notify the coordinator in advance of their arrival, even if they can be accommodated in your room. If you need more space, discuss their accommodation and length of stay with the coordinator. We would kindly ask you to take care of the guests and not inconvenience your neighbours.
Do I need to sign a contract?
Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign a contract, indicating the grant's amount, the payment timeline and listing the activities to be carried out in residency, as well as the obligation to sign over the work into the residency's collection or archive.
Which papers do I need to bring?
For the contract and subsequent payment, we require copies of your passport, tax identification number. We will also need your bank details for wiring the grant money and the address for posting your copy of the contract.
How do you select works for the collection?
We are interested in acquiring artworks that showcase your research in Vyksa and its outcome and that can be put on view again. The selection process takes your wishes and the curator's recommendations into account and largely depends on the format and scope of the project. We often offer the choice to the investor, the OMK-Uchastiye Foundation, whose representative may visit your final show or view the works remotely. If only one work was created in residency (for example, a video or media installation), we would ask you to give us an edition or sign over the right to reproduce. You can discuss the acquiring of works for the collection with the curator before the start of your residency or at another stage of production. You will not be cutting ties with your works for good – the OMK Foundation is public and we are happy to lend your works to external exhibitions.
How can I collect my works?
We do not cover shipping costs for the works produced in residency. If works remain at the residency for a show or to be offered to the investor, we discuss the delivery terms on a case-by-case basis.
How can I visit the residency as a guest?
You can visit the residency by appointment or on an open day. Vyksa AiR is open for visitors Thursday and Saturday from 16:00 to 21:00. If you have any queries about our work, please contact the residency via email at
The residency hosts events and open days every week. Admission is free.
This year we received 285 applications from 29 countries - a record number in five years of open calls. Twelve artists won:

Mariya Karol (Saint Petersburg);
Mikhail Dobrovolskiy (Moscow);
Olesya Lavrinenko and Sasha Gosmant (Moscow);
Frukty Vrukty (Perm);
Maria Diesel (Moscow);
Darya Neretina (Moscow);
Mariya Agureyeva (Los Angeles, USA);
Nika Chernyaeva (Moscow);
Yana Malysheva-Jones (Moscow);
Danya Pirogov (Nizhny Novgorod);
Misha Gudwin (Moscow);
Diana Kapizova (Moscow).

One of the residents – Danya Pirogov– has received the nomination from Volga-Vyatsky branch of the Pushkin Museum (Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod), with whom we have continued to cooperate since last year.

The artists, who will spend 4 to 8 weeks in the residency in 2022, work with different genres and media, from street art to painting, installation, sound art, understand the idea of "local context" in different ways and represent together a wide range of methodologies for working with it: walks, research, upcycling, community-practices. Each of the projects brings up interesting questions, opens up opportunities for a new look at Vyksa and creative experimentation, and is also invariably associated with the local context and interaction with the urban environment and local communities, which is the main criterion for selecting future residents.

"Vyksa is becoming more and more prominent on the map of Russian and world contemporary art. This applies to both the town and the residency. This year we have almost twice as many applications as last year. More than 70 of them were filed by foreign artists. But it is not even about the quantity. We are pleased to state that this year potential participants have immersed themselves much deeper in the local context - they have studied the information about Vyksa and thought over their projects taking into account the town's characteristics. This is exactly what we have been striving for since the very first enrollments," said Irina Sedykh, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of "OMK-Uchastie" foundation.
"2021 was a shock year for "Vyksa" art-residency: it was named Institution of the Year by Cosmoscow, hosted an international conference on the Arts and Practices of Hospitality in the town, and announced a new building. Each of these events contributes to the strengthening and popularization of the format of art-residencies in Russia, and as a result, awareness and the emergence of new opportunities for artists. We are grateful to every artist who applied. We hope that sooner or later we will meet everyone interested in Vyksa," comments Alisa Bagdonaite, curator of "Vyksa" art-residency.
"Danya Pirogov's appeal to the historical past of Vyksa, the use of the techniques of "speculative history" seems to be a good solution for the project as part of the residency program. Combining the study of the territory, an attempt to identify its identity and the creation of objects, the project carries the potential of new myth-making, an alternative history of the place through the artwork. On the one hand, this approach meets the challenge of the appearance of new iconic street artwork in the town, on the other hand, it sets the vector of their interpretation facing inward, into the very history of Vyksa," said Daria Tkacheva, curator, head of the exhibition projects department of Volga-Vyatsky branch of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
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