Moscow, Russia
Ustina Yakovleva is a Russian artist.
She graduated from the graphic arts department of the Moscow State Pedagogical University and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
In her artistic practice, Ustina Yakovleva attempts to organise the elusive mental experiences, whether it be memories of human interactions with space or an undiluted stream of emotions. Thus, her canvases feature both limited calculation and the infinity embedded in the beating of the pulse of life, the coldness of an expressive means and the expressive body rhythm, personal history and questioning the essence of art.
Selected solo shows:
Inner Surface – Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2012
Inversion – AA collections / Knoll Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2012.
Monochrome – Rodnya Studio, Moscow, Russia, 2011.
Vacuum – Green Art Gallery, Perm, Russia, 2010.
Ust-Tsilma – START, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia, 2010).
Works from the residency
From the Cocoon project