«Destroyers of the Void»


On October 9, at 18:00, the exhibition “Destroyers of the Void” by Artyom Go and Abram Rebrov will open at the Museum of History of the Vyksa plant OMK, which will include objects, video and paintings created using a neural network.

The exhibition "Destroyers of the Void" is the result of a month-long residence in Vyksa and an attempt to rethink the information received, to see the possible future of contemporary art and to involve the residents of the city in discussion and reflection on this. Artists are asking questions about # nbsp; what will be left of the objects of art; what is our future, and is there a way that art can develop the city;   what if we look back at the appearance of the main streets, drowning in advertising, and it seems to us it is wild barbarism; why art objects are more critical # nbsp; than architecture or signage.

Both artists, working in different media, observe how the silent, rhythmic life of a small post-Soviet city, picking up the rhythms and inertia of the plant, tear apart the art objects lining up into this emptiness. On the one hand, their appearance is unusual and therefore unpleasant; on the other hand, they create new narratives on the Vyksa scene, which can, in turn, create the basis for new changes and allow others to organically take root and deform the urban fabric from within.

In their work on the project, the artists used methods of sociological research, interviews, meetings with citizens, voting, and collected visual images of the city: photos, newspapers, videos.

The project was implemented jointly with the Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art “SPHERE” (successor to the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin).

Free admission, registration by link