Street Art Lab


The opening of the project by the Frukty Art Group
The residency project of the Frukty Art Group was a street art lab that the street-art collective used to run a short course on a range of techniques that they employ in the city: from micro-street art to murals to readymades to installations.

The team is in 24/7 exploration mode when it comes to the urban space, its features and expressive possibilities, with found locations and objects often becoming the basis for their future work. 'We use what the street offers — artefacts, prints, anachronisms, accidents, absurdities — and showcase their hidden or visible potential, letting the city speak for itself. City and chance are often our co-authors. Play, relevance, sparing effort, conversation, irony, and surrealism are some of the aspects that mean a big deal to us in our street practices,' explain the members.

Exploration of the city can also take place collectively, alongside its residents. The laboratory format implies that not only can ordinary citizens participate in such research practices but that they have the opportunity to co-author and co-create street art in their city.

Teenagers and young adults aged 13−23 took part in the Vyksa Street Art Lab. Some of them simply love to draw, while others have taken art classes. The desire to try their hand at street art, master the spray painting technique, and just try something new, meet new people, and plainly better themselves in some way is what led them to participate in the project. The lab has provided them with an opportunity to do all of this and, on top of that, to see their town from a new angle, learn something new, feel and try how the urban space and its residents interact and change each other.

The outcome of the Frukty Art Group’s residency and their Street Art Lab comprises several artworks across Vyksa, which were created by the residents of the town. They can be viewed during the introductory walk on the day of the project presentation, or afterwards — until they fade, get painted over or disappear along with the objects on which they were painted on.

Frukty Art Group
Fruits is a team of urban art practitioners and street artists from Perm, formed in 2009. The guys create works on the streets of the city: from microstreet art to murals, from redi-mades to installations. The team is in constant research mode of urban space, its peculiarities and expressive possibilities, often found locations and objects become the basis for their works.
The guys conduct laboratories on independent street art and interaction with the urban environment, they are the authors of courses on stencil art.
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