St Petersburg, Russia
Alexey Pavlov is a documentary photographer and artist. Born in the village of Borogontsy (Yakutia), Pavlov lives and works in St Petersburg. His artistic practise revolves around the themes of identity and social interaction in the post-Soviet space.

Pavlov graduated from the Ural State Law University and studied at the Docdoc School of Contemporary Photography. He is a Member of the Russian Union of Photographers (since 2019) and a recipient of the World Biennial of Student Photography prize. Pavlov's works were published in The Calvert Journal,, Ogonyok, Zapovednik, etc.

Won and/or was shortlisted for: the World Biennial of Student Photography, PhotoVisa, Bogota Photo Prize, Bar Tur Photo Award, The Eddie Adams Workshop, The VII Academy Seminar.
Works from the residency
From the Zhilovka series
Digital photography