Moscow, Russia
An artist who works with installation, sculpture, graphics and digital art. The main principles of his work are deconstruction of myths and work with post-history, on the rubble of which a new "life world" is born.

Since 2022, Slava has been exploring the theme of laughter culture: from ritual laughter in the archaic period, to the idea of foolishness and skomorozhestvo in the Middle Ages, to contemporary actionism. Laughter forms create an unofficial, extra-church and extra-state character of the world, the individual, and human relationships. They build a second world and a second life on the other side of everything official. He will dedicate his project in Vyksa to this theme.

Personal exhibitions: "Eight Songs", Triumph gallery, Moscow (2022); "Through Three Laughing Thresholds", Syntax gallery, Moscow (2022); "A Little Death and a Little Love", Artkommunalka residence museum, Kolomna (2021); "Scattered Observation", Syntax gallery, Moscow (2020); Immortalitas vulgaris, Dom molodezhi gallery, Smolensk (2019); Actants, Tsvetnye gory art residence, Sochi (2019); Untitled, Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation, Moscow (2019).

Born in Perm, he now lives and works in Moscow.