Moscow, Russia
Alexandra Nesterkina is a Russian artist. Graduated from the course «Contemporary Art» at the British Higher School of Art and Designin 2018 and The Institute of Contemporary Art in 2020. Since 2018 she has been taking part in exhibitions. Works in the genreof sculpture and object. Lives and works in Moscow.
The artist uses natural materials - wood, stones, parts of animal origin, found objects, complementing them with tactile formsmade of clay or wax. The main themes of her art natural aesthetics, ruins, magic. The main plot of the works is the interaction of organic and inorganic principles, natural and artificial. All works have relative freedom of interpretation and surrealpotential.
There are two types of works. The first are sculptures, created as if for dystopian landscape of the future, representingcompact stories, which the artist calls to herself 'the little tragedies'. They produce multi-layered impressions, the past and thepresent, absence and presence. The second are objects that become comprehensible through tactile contact, have a secludedintonation and an obvious, but lost magical purpose. Both types are essentially ruins. Ruin is one of the important concepts ofthe artist's creative world, combining elegiac perception of nature and fear of the technicized world of the future.