St Petersburg, Russia
Valery Konkov is a documentary photographer, lives and works in St. Petersburg.

Graduate of St. Petersburg State University in the direction of "History" of the School of Contemporary Photography "Dokdock", participant of the photography seminar of the VII Academy of Maria Gelman and Macek Nabradelik. Researcher at the ROSPHOTO Museum and Exhibition Center, member of the Union of Russian Photographers since 2020.

In creative practice, he combines two identities: a photographer and a researcher.
He works with topics dedicated to: history, memory and the consequences of collective trauma.

In 2019, he presented his personal exhibition "A Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow" at the State Museum of Political History of Russia and the Ligovskaya Library (St. Petersburg).

Participant of Look photobiennale in Liverpool (England).
Works were published in Russia, the Netherlands, France, Spain, USA.