Katya-Anna Taguti
a project created in residence
Moscow, Russia
The artist perfectly owns the technique of both painting and drawing, in her works she uses sculpture, graphics, painting, silkscreening, sometimes mixing different techniques. He prefers black and white, sometimes delicately complementing the work with color. Works with the theme of the testimony of memory, which seeks the present and hope for the future.

She lives and works in Moscow. Graduated from the Surikov Art Institute. Surikov. Selected exhibitions: "The slipping pattern of physical life on the fabric of inexorable time" Museum and Exhibition Center, Ivanovo, 2022; Cross and Hammer, in collaboration with Ivanovo Museum of Chintz within the festival, 2021; International Biennale Shanghai Paper Art, Shanghai, China, 2021; "Big Portrait", Erarta Museum, Saint Petersburg, 2019; Exhibition at the Museum of Decorative and Applied Art. Moscow, 2015. The works are in the collections of Russian and foreign museums.

Works from the residency
From the project "Signals"