Sleep service

Until September 19
in the new residence building

"When I was preparing for my trip, I was surprised to discover that the word Vyksa translates as 'flow,' 'current. Once here, this "flow" completely swept me away. Vyksa is an incredibly eclectic city, which surprises on every corner: works of contemporary artists, ritual services salons, beaches with mermaids, gift certificates for gadflies, Eric Bulatov on the facade of the metallurgical plant, Hagi Wagi and Kissi-Missi, Shortparis and Sergey Lazarev. I am not even talking about the unicorn, which is the symbol of Vyksa and decorates its emblem. The collage of this city is off the charts, there is so much going on that you gradually start to lose touch with reality.

This huge amount of information around is not only a Vyksa phenomenon, but a sign of life today, where a whirlwind of distracting reality "services", we forget about what is important, as if plunged into a waking dream. The artist invites us to explore this phenomenon and think about what is really worth our attention and what is not.