Places real-virtual-imaginary

The artist has dedicated her project to exploring the visible and imaginary, virtual and real, acting as a mediator between the camera and blind and visually impaired co-authors, between the project participants and a neural network, synthesizing disparate elements and forming a single image.

"In today's society, it is common to single out people with disabilities as a separate inclusive group. However, for me, people with one disability or another are not Other, they are unique. And for me, as a mainly visual artist, I am close to visually impaired people, as we have an increased focus on visual perception, whether we "see" with our eyes or not. Therefore, six blind and visually impaired participants of different ages and genders have been invited as co-authors of the project," the artist explains her idea.

At the exhibition you will see tactile photo-sculptures and a video documentation of the process of their creation in co-authorship with blind and visually impaired citizens of Vyksa.

The exhibition is open daily from 12:00 to 20:00, until 15 May.
Volna" Cultural Centre, 36 1st May street.

Free admission.