It will still sprout

The idea of the project by Anna Tararova, our first resident of 2023, was close to many residents of Vyksa and like the roots of plants "sprouted" in the souls of those who communicated with Anna during her stay in the city. "It will still sprout" is an attempt to draw attention to the themes of good neighbourliness and caring for each other in society through the collective care of the plants.

Anna has dedicated her residency to exploring social connections and customs, habits, traditions and sharing experiences. Anna has collected knowledge, bit by bit, of how Vyksa gardeners describe their various plant care rituals, carefully recording the diversity of recipes, methods, tricks and superstitions of the germination mystery.

The exhibition reflects the artist's experiments with soil and organic and inorganic raw materials as artistic materials. Visitors will see direct results of the residency - instructions based on communication with Vyksa gardeners, as well as seedlings grown in the ways they managed to collect in the gardening places of the city.

Anna Tararova claims that despite the differences in recipes, everything will sprout and grow. And we believe her.

"Volna" Cultural Centre, ul. 1 May 36.
Free admission.