Copper Pipes

Opening of Maria Diesel's exhibition
on June, 18 at 18:00
in the west gallery of the VMZ Museum of History

Maria Diesel is the first member of a residency whose primary medium is ceramics. The source of images and inspiration for her is industrial aesthetics. That's why she is interested in Vyksa, where industrial objects and urban spaces are intertwined with each other, where the factory works and art is produced.

"We who live in industrial cities get used to the kind of industrial objects we walk by, drive by, work in. Everything around us is familiar, ordinary, unnoticeable. Walls, fences, chimneys, corners, stones, and smoke all this landscape is familiar. We dream of distant shores, long for the sea and the burning sun. In the rush to live our lives, hoping for the best. Looking for fleeting relaxation in the networks, television, watching good and not so good movies and so on. And we do not have time to notice, we miss the important. And the important is right here, this is our imperfect world, the city, the entrance, the bridge and the pipes of the factory. And it's beautiful, look..." - In her exhibition Maria invites us to start a journey into the surrounding reality, which does not need to be decorated, but should be seen, accepted and admired, because it is beautiful.

Admission is free.
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