The weed grass memory

Daria Neretina's exhibition

Resident Daria Neretina addresses the themes of local memory of things and her own archives of memories, so in each of her projects the artist is guided by a specific object. She came to Vyksa with the idea to work with weed plants, she chose the technique of her future works in advance and selected materials, but on the spot her project was complicated by soft sculptures from a combination of fabric and transparent film.

At the exhibition, the viewer will see a collection of the artist's impressions of the city, told through plants and the attitudes of local residents. I will include found natural objects and their representation realized by art materials in the works. There will be graphic sheets, complete with embroidery over watercolor portraits of weeds and medicinal herbs found during walks, as well as fabric works - soft sculptures composed of several layers of fabric, covered in spots of watercolor and acrylic, embroidery and garden film, containing inclusions of found herbaria and fragments of the natural environment.

Admission is free.

We look forward to seeing you at the new residence building - 36 May 1 St.