Archaeology. Inappropriate

Presentation of Dani Pirogov's project
September 24, 18:00 at the OMK café

During his stay in Vyksa, Danya identified a number of characteristic cities: regularities in architecture, history, anthropology. In the exhibition works these regularities get new connections and are named as "rules" of Vyksa.

The exhibition is devoted to comprehension of modern and historical context of Vyksa. The artist turns to the theme of irrelevant artifacts - finds that violate the generally accepted historical picture, and builds a new mythology around them. The artist contrasts his method with the method of historians and archaeologists, combining events and artifacts from different periods into a single artistic landscape, devoid of clear chronology.

The exhibition will feature installations, sculptures and graphics created by the artist in residence. Some of the works include local materials and objects found or purchased in Vyksa.

Admission is free.
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Address Lenina ul. 7 (near the cafe "Pushka")