Lisbon, Portuguese
Pedro Gramaxo is a Portuguese contemporary public art artist.

Pedro Gramaxo is based in Lisbon. His constructive artistic practice has been exploring the dichotomy between natural and artificial, material and immaterial, by manipulating the contextualization of geometric elements, creating large-scale installations that are reflected in the landscape.

With the intention of measuring the landscape, the artist works with an exclusive measurement unit created by himself – Mx – to develop artificial works that contrast between object and context in which they are inserted.

At the moment, Gramaxo is developing his own projects as follows: 2011 Project Portrait, 2015 Project HOME, 2016 Project Bright Hour, 2018 Project Landscape, 2020 Project Dimension.

In 2018 he received an honorable mention from the Portuguese Order of Architects for his project of Public intervention. His works are exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Portugal and other countries.

Works from the residency