"Capricorn Night"
a project created in residence
Moscow, Russia
Misha is a contemporary artist, street art artist and curator. In his works he tries to capture modernity, where the world around him combines signs of material and virtual spaces.

Mikhail began his career in 2010 as a graffiti artist, and later became a contemporary art and street art artist. He is a graduate of the Voronezh Central Art Center educational program and the Baza Institute of Contemporary Art.

Co-founder and curator of self-organized exhibition space and cultural center "Give Five" in Voronezh and "IP Vinogradov" in Moscow. Resident of the Sphere Foundation and the Open Studios of the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center. Finalist of the competition for young artists Nova art 2019. Participant of the special project "Create a new layer" of the 6th Ural Industrial Biennale.
Works from the residency
From project "Capricorn Night"