Artem Go
"Void breakers"
a project created in residence
St. Peterburg, Russia
Artem Go is an artist and filmmaker from St. Petersburg. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University and Moscow School. Rodchenko. Works at the intersection of video art and experimental cinema, maintaining an interest in such classic mediums as painting, photography and total installation.

The symbiosis of such different artistic practices can be described as digital collage.

The language of Go is a product of a new generation of clip culture, where YouTube and TikTok have replaced television, and memes have become the ultimate truth.

Artyom's works create the impression of "hyperreal", in which the world and its characters look neither artificial nor genuine.

The artist's works are in the collection of the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum. In addition, Artem is nominated for the Innovation Prize (2019) and the Kuryokhin Prize (2020) and the Moscow Art Prize (2021).
Void breakers