Pedro Gramaxo presents installation Dimension #5
During his one month residency at VYKSA AIR, Portuguese Contemporary artist Pedro Gramaxo scouted through the various landscapes of the city and its surroundings, studying and recording its idiosyncrasies in the pursuit of the its natural and artificial identities.

The goal was to capture this identity element and create an installation piece that would be accessible for spectators to visit it as part of the Public Art scene on a site-specific location.

«Dimension#5» — The artwork created by the artist as a permanent installation format, is a mimesis and synthesis of a Russian roof prepared for the weight of the winter and ventilation for the summer. Despite all urban landscapes, I could not forget that during my train ride I could see through my window an amazing sculptoric landscape... for miles, man-made triangular shapes would emerge through the different natural contexts.

Alongside the installation, the artist will also present a photographic work of the piece in another location. The two artworks, displayed in separate places, will be in dialogue with each other and will encourage spectators to visit both locations — uniquely experiencing the physical installation, in its carefully selected location, and its photographic «memory» at the Vyksa Museum.

The Large photograph of the installation will be exhibited among the original and existing artworks in the museum, creating a contrast and symbiosis with Vyksa´s Heritage, with the purpose of remembering the pass and glancing into the future of the cultural scenario of VYKSA.
Pedro Gramaxo
Pedro Gramaxo is a Portuguese contemporary public art artist.

Pedro Gramaxo is based in Lisbon. His constructive artistic practice has been exploring the dichotomy between natural and artificial, material and immaterial, by manipulating the contextualization of geometric elements, creating large-scale installations that are reflected in the landscape.

With the intention of measuring the landscape, the artist works with an exclusive measurement unit created by himself – Mx – to develop artificial works that contrast between object and context in which they are inserted.

At the moment, Gramaxo is developing his own projects as follows: 2011 Project Portrait, 2015 Project HOME, 2016 Project Bright Hour, 2018 Project Landscape, 2020 Project Dimension.

In 2018 he received an honorable mention from the Portuguese Order of Architects for his project of Public intervention. His works are exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Portugal and other countries.
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