St Petersburg, Russia
Alexandra Demenkova is a Russian documentary photographer.
Having received her degree in foreign languages from the Herzen State Pedagogical University, she pursued a degree at the Galperin Faculty of Photojournalism.
In her artistic practice, Alexandra turns to social issues, exploring complex and often disagreeable and taboo subjects, thus continuing the tradition of humanistic photography. The focus of her attention is the quotidian life outside big cities. Lives of her subjects often intertwine with her own, which reflects in the intimate tonality inherent to many of her images.
Demenkova has participated in international photography festivals and exhibitions in Russia, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, etc, and received the Grand Prix of The Northern Palmyra competition (St Petersburg, 2004) and the Grand Prix at the Best Photographer of the Year competition (St Petersburg, 2006).
Alexandra's works can be found in private and museum collections in Russia, Europe and the USA.
Works from the residency