17.04.2021 – 02.05.2021

Exhibition Crystal Pavilion by Alexei Khamkin
The Crystal Pavilion project takes the viewer back to the Crystal Palace by architect Joseph Paxton, which was presented at the World's Fair in London's Hyde Park in 1851.
The appearance of the palace is associated with the beginning of the era of modern architecture, which is characterized by lightness, modularity and quick erection. Later, the ideas of light and strong structures were developed by the Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov, whose name is closely associated with Vyksa.

Taking inspiration from Shukhov's architecture, Aleksey created a series of graphic sheets, as well as animation, with the help of a drawing board and stencils. The structure of Khamkin's graphic images is based on a module, which, repeating many times, forms a semblance of an architectural or engineering object. Plans and silhouettes of facades of houses and industrial buildings in Vyksa became the basis for this work.

«Vyksa has excellent conditions for creativity, so the residence turned out to be productive, I worked hard and implemented the conceived project. The city itself was a pleasant surprise. I knew little about Vyksa, I represented a classic city with a large factory, with typical Soviet buildings. But I saw a lot of interesting things here. The characteristic houses with a gable roof are perhaps the most memorable. Perhaps this project will be continued in other cities where I have yet to visit,» says the artist.
Alexey Khamkin
1986, Ekaterinburgh | Russia
Alexey Khamkin is a Russian artist whose interests include: structures, landscapes, architecture, points of contact between human activity and nature.

Graduated from the I. E. Repin Institute of the Russian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Graphics. In school, he is fond of Japanese engraving of the XIX century (Ukiyo-e). The academy's favorite subject is linocut, which, in turn, along with an interest in early computer graphics and non-figurative art, will influence the visual language of the artist.

Solo exhibitions — «Snow» (25Kadr Gallery, Moscow, 2018); " Kami no Yama (Paper Mountain)«, (Museum of Modern Art named after him. Nakamotoseiji, Sendai, Japan, 2014).

Group exhibitions include «101. Festival of Media Poetry» (Planetarium No. 1, Saint Petersburg, 2019); «The Matter of Horror» (Parallel program of the Sixth Moscow Biennale of Young Art, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, 2018); «Private Life of Radio Frequencies», (The Museum of Communications. Popova, St. Petersburg, 2018); «Don't switch!», (Museum of Communications named after him. Popova, St. Petersburg, 2017).
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