An exhibition by Kirill Makarov and Evgeny Dedov at the Vyksa Steel Works History Museum
Artists Kirill Makarov and Evgeny Dedov are hosting a joint exhibition to display the works they created in residency at Vyksa AiR. The museum space features several paintings and a video game recording. The fragments of the game world shown in the footage were created on-site in Vyksa by the participants of the workshop, which the artists held at the residency space.
Kirill Makarov incorporated video games into his artistic practice a long time ago. During his participation in the Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, he explored virtual reality. The new round of his research into the relationship between painting and visual technologies came immediately after the VR project. His research impacted the painting imagery, and the composition of his works has changed – it no longer contains a single plane familiar to the viewer. Makarov's canvases may capture several viewing angles at once. Oddly enough, this is a more reliable way to capture contemporary visual reality, in which more and more screens and interactive surfaces pop up into existence.

Viewing modes and angles become the subject of the experiment by Evgeny Dedov. But he raises the issue of imagery in a different way: he does not inquire what and how we see in the new technological reality, instead he narrows down the visible space by establishing limits and restricting the audience in what they see on the canvas, and thereby expands the autonomy of the viewer, who is invited to complete the image as they see fit.
Kirill Makarov
1988, St Petersburg | Russia
Kirill Makarov is a Russian artist. In 2011, he graduated from the Faculty of Design of the Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, St Petersburg. From 2013 to 2015, he took part in an artist residency at Abbaye de La Prée, France. He was the recipient of a grant for emerging artists from Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow (2012–2013).

Selected solo shows:
2 – START, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia, 2013.
…The Misspelling Highlighted the Limits of Adèle's Irreproachable Conduct – Manifesta 10, St Petersburg, Russia, 2014.
INTER – Sergei Kuryokhin Center for Contemporary Art, St Petersburg, Russia, 2014.

Selected group shows:
Experiences of the Imaginary – New Holland, St Petersburg, Russia, 2016.
No Time – Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia, 2015.
Detective – Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia, 2014.
Nothing of the Kind – Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia, 2013.
The Feast of Being – RuArts Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2012.
Evgeny Dedov
1987, St Petersburg | Russia
Evgeny Dedov is a Russian artist. He received a degree from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design and was enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2014.

Not only does Evgeny Dedov work with installations, he also has an excellent command of the classical painting technique. He creates canvases on the verge of symbolism and abstractionism and, moving towards the ever-greater dematerialisation of the storyline, bathes the images in light. Dedov limits the motifs to a set of elementary spots of colour and reduces colour contrasts to a minimum, replacing them with a subtle, as if phosphorescent, tinted haze. His abstract works, best taken in by the periphery or inner vision, immerse the viewer in a meditative state.

Selected solo shows:
Models – Pechersky Gallery, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia, 2017.
Five Rooms – START, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia, 2009.

Selected group shows:
Tschau Ragazzi – Vienna, Austria, 2017.
Generation START – Manifesta 10 Parallel Programme, St Petersburg, Russia, 2014.
From the Field of Practical Knowledge – GMG Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2011.
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