Moscow, Russia
Dmitry Bulnygin is a Russian media artist and VJ. He holds a degree from the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts.
Bulnygin is the founder and director of the Extra Short Film (ESF) International Festival.
A certified architect, Bulnygin started his artistic practise with painting, later turning to sculpture and installation. He has been exploring media technologies and experimenting with video since the late 90s. In his works, the artist examines different fields of application of video as an artistic tool: from documentaries to large-scale multimedia installations. In the plane between reality and phantasmagoria, the medium of video launches a dialogue between an object, a photograph, an installation – and the urban environment. The irony permeating his works often borders on social commentary, even criticism. The resistance against inorganic structures and man-made systems is a repeated theme throughout his work.

Bulnygin's works can be found in the collections of the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow (MAMM), Centre Pompidou (Paris), ART4.RU Museum (Moscow), as well as private collections.
Works from the residency
From the Shift project
Pines, video mapping, sound
4 min