Moscow, Russia
The Alycha Art Group is an informal creative collective that carries out art projects by prior agreement. The group pursues the principles of amateurealism* and preaches the ideology of askateicism** and cloud archaeology***.

The members follow a hybrid approach to the realisation of ideas that brings together effective work organisation practices and finding the most expressive genres.

*Amateurealism (amateur + realism) denies the need for a narrow specialisation of the subject in order to implement an idea successfully.

**Askateicism is a term introduced by Alycha during the work on the Shtab project at the Archstoyanie Land Art Festival (2017).

***Cloud archaeology is an integrated approach that allows a non-invasive study of society and culture through the speculative use of modern technologies.
Works from the residency
From the DNA House of Culture project
Video mapping
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