Voronezh, Russia
Nikolay Alekseev is Russia-based artist and curator, co-founder and Chairman (since 2012) of the Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art (VCAC). He graduated from the Voronezh Art College with a degree in Fine Arts and Pedagogics.

Selected solo shows:
Twelve Jumps Overboard HLAM Gallery, Voronezh, Russia, 2015.
A Journey Beyond the Three Seas – Büro für kulturelle Übersetzungen, Leipzig, Germany, 2015).
The Stony Tread of Dawn – VCCA, HLAM Gallery, Voronezh, Russia, 2014.

Selected group shows:
The more, the more – HLAM Gallery, Voronezh, Russia, 2015.
The Short History of Voronezh Art – Vienna Art Fair, Vienna, Austria, 2014.
Detective – MMOMA, Moscow, Russia, 2014.
Priceless City – MMAM, Moscow, Russia, 2014.

Alekseev was nominated for the Innovation Prize in 2010 and 2011 and shortlisted for the Kandinsky Prize in 2012 and 2013. In 2014–2015, Alekseev received a scholarship from the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow).
Works from the residency
From the Tales of Italy series