Saint Petersburg, Russia
Irina Aktuganova is an art historian, curator, museum designer, specialist in technological art and art&science.

Art&science or scientific art is a separate, huge field of art, an amazing area where science, technology and art can interact in different ways, united by the figure of the artist. This makes art&science attractive for Vyksa, an industrial city where work and interaction with scientific art can be structured differently than in many other places: not through artistic image to learn about technology, but through technological optics to create new spaces and possibilities of creative expression. Irina’s project in Vyksa will explore these possibilities and interactions.

Irina Aktuganova is twice a nominee for the S. Kuryokhin Prize for curatorial projects in the field of science art and technological art: "Science as a Presentiment", Moscow, 2009; "Life. Version of Science", Moscow, 2011; winner of the S. Kuryokhin Prize for the curatorial project "New Anthropology", St. Petersburg, 2019; winner of the state prize in contemporary art "Innovation" 2020 for the project "New Anthropology", implemented in partnership with the Institute of Physiology. Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences.