Omsk, Russia
Sasha Khokhlova and Dima Ruben are an artist duo from Siberia.
Sasha and Dima use a variety of artistic techniques in their work, including painting on paper and walls, plaster casting and exploring imaginary worlds. At the residency they presented their Scale 1 : 100 project, which was developed over the span of two previous years.
Scale 1 : 100 examines street art and urban architecture. As part of this project, artists cast houses from plaster on a scale of one to one hundred. They offer different people to express their understanding of the term 'home' using the resulting plaster casts. In Vyksa, the artists analyzed and reimagined local architecture, cast it in plaster and invited the audience to join their research and create micro-murals of their own.
Alongside Scale 1 : 100, Sasha and Dima comprise the Strong Finger duo, and have been creating non-invasive street art as part of their practice since 2015. It was via painting street murals that they began to ask themselves the question, 'What do people want to see on the walls around them?' and realised how different the perception of street art can be.
Works from the residency
From the Scale 1 : 100 projec
Plaster casts