Street Art Lab

June 11 at 4 p.m. in the new residence, the former Volna Café (14+)

Become creators of real street art! Under the guidance of the art group "Fruits" you will look for urban locations and explore them, identify urban features, find the potential and opportunity to change these places. Upon completion of the research you will create individual or collaborative works in an urban space, and then we will arrange a presentation of these works. Don't miss out!

Age 14 and up.
The length of the Saturday meeting (June 11) is 3-4 hours.
Number of participants - 13 people.
Place - the new residence building (former cafe "Wave") ul. May 1, 36

The lab will run from 11 to 17 June:
June 11, Saturday - acquaintance, introductory lecture, walk, exploration of the city;
June 12, Sunday - discussion of the results of a walk, the analysis of locations;
June 13-15 - work on ideas individually or in groups at the convenience of the participants;
June 16, 17 - realization of works.

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