Open studio of Verena Issel


July 31, 18:00

We invite everyone to the open studio of Verena Issel. The artist painted a series of landscapes dedicated to the perception of majestic nature by a small person.

It was in Vyksa that Verena made landscapes for the first time in her life, felt the need to draw and paint nature.

In her paintings, the artist recognizes the dying world as we know it: dry summer, wilting nature, the grass is not green, but brown, the water in the pond is orange, big fires are destroying villages, black houses. The world is not like itself. Verena worries about the future, which may not look the way it was before.

- Landscapes are made in bright and sharp colors, they are not natural. These are neon colored creations. Inverted colors, perhaps more reminiscent of computer screensavers. However, these are classic images of Vyksa and the forest. Which, too, does not look too natural, - emphasizes Verena.

The artist also made a set of wooden objects - collages, fragmentary and mysterious forms that are associated with paintings in a more abstract way.

Verena Issel is an installation artist. Verena lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Hamburg.

Entry subject to the rules of attendance, registration by link.