Start of the public program of the summer school «Unstable Connections»

August 2, 7:00 pm MSK

The Vyksa Art Residence is a partner of the Unstable Connections summer school, which was launched by the Faculty of Contemporary Art «Learning Environment» in cooperation with the Posthuman Studies Lab research platform.

At the first offline lecture «Unstable Connections — Connecting», the project participants will tell how plants, technology and contemporary art are connected, share their best practices in the field of plant and computing systems, and talk about the ecological role of plants in the context of various future scenarios in the Anthropocene era.

After that, guests will see a video lecture by Martin Howes, a British programmer, writer, artist and researcher. Howes specializes in exploring the connections between geophysical phenomena, software, and the human psyche. In 2005, he won first prize in the Art & Artificial Life competition for his work ap0201, an ecological computing machine installed in the Mojave Desert. In recent years, he has collaborated with art research projects such as the Psychogeophysics Summit, Earthboot Alternative Energy Development, Dissolutions Residence, and the Sketches for an Earth Computer and The Crystal World exhibition projects.

Anyone can visit the public program of the school. Register for a lecture using the link.