Children's program of the exhibition "At the edge of nature: Black Forest". First lesson - "Tales of the Black Forest"


October 10, 12:00

Art Residence "Vyksa" invites you to the "Tales of the Black Forest" - the first lesson of the children's program "On the Edge of Nature: Black Forest".

In a lesson with the children, we will find out what the black forest is and what our young guests associate with it. Also, we will recall children's fairy tales in which the black forest is mentioned and draw a parallel between Russian fairy tale characters and foreign ones. During this discussion, children will be able to study the works of the artist Nikolai Akimov, which are directly related to the theme of the exhibition.

In addition, during the lecture, guests will learn how to take care of the forest and process it after fires, why trees need to be removed, whether it is necessary to remove coals, and why to plant new trees.

At the end of the lesson, together with the children, we will create a beautiful money tree!

Admission is free, registration is via the link.