Workshops by Valery Konkov


May 27 and 29, 5:00 p.m by MSC

Vyksuntsev will receive two educational sessions from a member of the Union of Photographers of Russia. At the meeting on May 27, participants will get acquainted with the theory and analog technology of photography, as well as create with their own hands a real camera - a pinhole - a photographic apparatus without a lens, the role of which is played by a small hole.

Pinhole technology, which uses the principle of the camera obscura, was widespread at the dawn of the era of photography, and got a second wind in the 1960s with the spread of photographic film. The advantages of such cameras are the simplicity of self-production, miniature size and specific effect on the image. It is ideal for soft landscape shots.

On May 29, Valeriy will talk about the intricacies of filming with a film camera and developing photographs. A unique chance to master the technology of masters of photography from the past, which will bring lightness and new colors to your pictures.

Valery Konkov is a documentary photographer, born in Tver, lives and works in St. Petersburg. A graduate of the Historical Institute of St. Petersburg State University, the School of Contemporary Photography "Dokdock", a participant in the photography seminar of the VII Academy of Maria Gelman and Macek Nabradelik. Researcher at the ROSPHOTO Museum and Exhibition Center, member of the Union of Photographers of Russia since 2020. Valery's works have been published in Russia, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the USA.

The entrance to the master class is free, registration is by the link.

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