VyksaAirKids is 40 free lessons in six disciplines in three age groups: 4-6, 7-10 and 11-14 years old. Classes will be held once a week. Throughout the year, children will have the opportunity to master the program at a relaxed pace, develop their creativity and find new friends. The number of places in groups is limited.

The curriculum was helped by Evgenia Kokorina, a methodologist of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA). Evgenia is a guru in working with children, graduated from the Faculty of History of Moscow State University in the direction of "History of Art", trained and worked in several Moscow museums, invented and implemented the course "Toddlers and the Beautiful."

- We have prepared workshops taking into account the age characteristics of children. For kids, classes last no more than an hour, and the presence of parents is important for us, so the course is a family one. Older guys are more independent, they learn more theory and technical terms. Older students will get more space for free discussions, referring to their personal experiences and stories of real people, - says the author of the program.