Artist Talk: Julia Abzaltdinova

The Art Residence Vyksa welcomes its second resident this year - Yulia Abzaltdinova, an artist from Yekaterinburg.

Yulia dedicates her stay in the art residence to the implementation of an inclusive project. Its goal is to make visible the creative potential of blind and visually impaired residents of Vyksa and to increase their inclusion in the city and the art community. The project will result in photo installations created together with the residents of our city. The union of the artist and the local community of visually impaired will help show Vyksa from an unusual angle, revealing the image of the city which is "invisible" to most residents without visual impairment.

Julia Abzaltdinova's welcoming meeting will take place on 22 March at 16:00 in the Ex Libris space (7 Lenina St.).