Artist Talk: Daria Neretina

June 25, 4 p.m. in the new residence hall

The visual images of plants found in Daria's work she finds in gardens and botanical books. Just such books she will talk about at the meeting.

We will talk about whether plants have intelligence, are they able to communicate with each other and predict the future based on the book "What Plants Think" by neuroscientist Stefano Mancuso and writer Alessandra Viola. And also about Long Lin Woon's book, "The Way Through the Forest. About Mushrooms and Grief," in which she talks about her initiation into the world of mushrooms and reflects on the loneliness and life of modern man, looking for his place between civilization and nature. Let's turn to Amy Stewart's hilarious book, The Hop Nerd, which helps us look at familiar things a little differently, broadening our optics, allowing us to live more interesting and brightly, and to notice more.

If you love plants and books, this meeting is simply not to be missed.
We are waiting for you in the new building of the residence - 36, 1 May street.

Admission is free.
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