Artist Talk: Alexey Starkov


5 of August, 18:00

We invite everyone to the welcoming lecture of our new resident Alexei Starkov.

At the meeting, the artist will talk about himself, his work and artistic practices, about the theoretical philosophical works on which Alexei builds his projects. He will also share his ideas, which he plans to implement at the Vyksa art residence.

Alexey works with the themes of the existence and construction of memory, the formation of images of nostalgia, as well as the appearance of false memories. In his work, the artist uses a mixed technique that combines elements of collage, found object, painting, graphics and text, and often builds his work on the personal stories of people.

In Vyksa, Alexey will meet the residents of the city, learn their stories and plan to implement a project about “No-Spaces” - different places in the city associated with a person's personal memory. Places that exist in plain sight, but are not obvious to an outside observer.

Entry subject to the rules of attendance, registration by link.