Artist Talk: Evgeniya Gildenbrandt

May 27 (Saturday) 14:00 | cultural centre "Volna" 12+

Evgenia will talk about her current photo projects, art practice, work with teenagers, and teaching activities; she will introduce her project "Boys" to you in detail. It is a series of photo portraits of teenage boys, whom the education system defines as "difficult", but in fact difficult are the life situations which these boys have to cope with alone.

The project "Boys" echoes the work that Zhenya plans to do in her residency and addresses the same themes of male vulnerability and identity (but unlike "Boys", the project will not be restricted by the age of the participants). At the meeting, the artist will talk about how it was prepared, how it was filmed with the characters, their attitudes to the project and how the work has affected her personally and professionally in the future.

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Evgeniya Gildenbrandt is an artist and photographer. In her projects she touches upon themes of memory reconstruction, differences and discrimination, psychological and social phenomena. She lives and works in Perm.