International conference The Art and Practices of Hospitality

25 – 28 November

On 25–28 November, Vyksa will be hosting The Art and Practices of Hospitality – an international conference focusing on the subject of hospitality across cultural and creative disciplines, including contemporary art, museology, artist-in-residence programmes, design, architecture, inclusion, and their intersections.

The conference has been designed for a wide range of art professionals: artists, curators, art managers, architects, researches, and specialists in inclusivity and education programmes who wish to network, collaborate and find new partners in Russia, Europe or the US, as well as develop new skills for and discover new languages of interaction.

The 4-day conference will provide both online and offline platforms for networking and sharing practices and knowledge, which has become crucial amid the global pandemic.

On the last day of the conference we will invite the guests on a tour of Vyksa’s surrounding area and a visit to the regional centre, the city of Nizhny Novgorod, where they will get a chance to familiarise themselves with the principal attractions of both art and industrial tourism.

Conference modules:
  • Hospitality agents: artists, museums, artist residencies.
  • The boundaries of hospitality: diversity, the national and the global, the pandemic, the environmental factor.
  • How to foster a welcoming environment: design, architecture, inclusion, sustainability, communities.

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