Artist Talk: Verena Issel


July 8, 06:00 pm

You are invited to meet our new artist-in-residence. At this meeting Verena will talk about herself, her art and new ideas as well as about the project that the artist would like to do in Vyksa.

Verena works in the installation genre. Installation is a form of contemporary art which is a 3D piece created from various readily available materials and shapes (objects of nature, industrial and household items, snippets of text and visual information) and representing a cohesive artistic whole.

In Vyksa, Verena would like to continue her research of Soviet architecture and the socialist murals which she first experienced in Vladivostok. While working, she would be interested to delve into the municipal archives, investigate the town’s environs and meet with the locals. Verena would like to get some impressions that she will use to create a total installation at the residence that will become a concentration of Vyksa’s spirit and the artist’s interest in re-thinking the Soviet visual heritage.

Admission is subject to compliance with visitation rules, registration available by following link.