Artist talk: Alexey Khamkin


11th of March at 18:00 pm, MSK GMT

Vyksa AiR invites to meeting with the first resident of 2021. Alexey will present himself, his artistic interests and released projects, as well as what idea he wants to implement in Vyksa. Guests will get acquainted with sketches of future work and concepts that determine the conceptual and visual foundations of his project: metric series, rhythm, discreteness, recursion.

Alexey Khamkin was born in Yekaterinburg, graduated from the graphics department at the Ilya Repin Institute of the Russian Academy of Arts. The artist's visual language was influenced by his passion for Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, linocut, computer graphics and non-figurative art. Alexey works with structure, landscapes, architecture, looking for points of contact between man and nature.

Vavilina str, 4