Art and the city → all about public art

28 April, Friday, 17:00 in the Volna Cultural Centre

At the meeting, Yan will talk about street art; he will share his experience in organizing, participating in and curating public art festivals in various Russian cities and will talk about similar experiences of Russian and foreign colleagues.

Special attention will be given to the role of public art in humanistic and urban problems solving: highlighting the problems around cultural heritage preservation, strengthening the value of public speech, citizens' sensitivity to the urban context.

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Admission is free.

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Yan Posadsky is a public art artist who works with local specifics in urban space: historical (local history), visual or situational context of a place.

The artist's street works can be found in various Russian cities: Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Tyumen, Arkhangelsk, Sysert, St Petersburg, Syktyvkar and Teriberka.