Peculiarities of Soviet industry: from crockery to toys

November 12 at 17:00 in the art residence (12+)

The first lecture in the educational program of the exhibition "Soviet catering. Dreams and Reality," organized by the Moscow Museum of Design and the cultural center "Wave.

Ilya Zibarev, a banker, investor, and collector, will tell how consumer goods were produced in the Soviet country, what materials existed, and what impact the appearance of new materials had. It will be not only about the items related to the food sphere. As the founder of the Museum of Soviet Toys, in the second part of the lecture Ilya Zibarev will talk about how children's Soviet toys were created: ways of creation, sales and deficit, toys from Czechoslovakia and GDR.

Admission is free.
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The lecture will be of interest to a wide audience. Before the lecture you can see the exhibition "Soviet catering. Dreams and reality.

We look forward to seeing you at 36, May 1 St.