Artist Talk: Katya-Anna Taguti

September 22, 18:00

At the meeting, the artist will talk about the topic she works with: evidence of memory, memory that helps to find the present and hope for the future, as well as about such a phenomenon as palimpsest. What is this historical and archaeological term and how does it relate to contemporary art? The artist sees it as a metaphor for contemporary art, where the "decoding" is given to the viewer and is largely based on his interpretation.

Katya-Anna will also introduce you to the work of her favorite artists from her Secret Folder and talk about some of her projects: "Big Portrait," "Cross and Hammer" in collaboration with the Ivanovo Sitz Museum and "The Slipping Pattern of Physical Life on the Fabric of Unforgiving Time" for the Museum and Exhibition Center in Ivanovo.

Admission by registration (so we know how many cups and cookies to make).

- - -
Katya-Anna Taguchi is an artist who lives and works in Moscow, and is an excellent painter and drawer, using sculpture, drawing, painting, silkscreening in her works, sometimes mixing different techniques. Works with the theme of testimony of memory.