Opening of the exhibition "At the Edge of Nature: Black Forest"


The exhibition At the Edge of Nature, designed to unite artists of different generations, from different cities, painters, sculptures, designers, will be held from October 8, 2021 to January 11, 2022 at the OMK Vyksa Plant History Museum.

Recently, nature is taking revenge, the elements are beginning to rage: forest fires, flooding of rivers and oceans, the death of many species of animals. The project "At the Edge of Nature: Black Forest" is dedicated to the problems of environmental poetics and environmental policy, which follows the meanings and solutions proposed to the world by contemporary artists.

The purpose of this exhibition will be to call for awareness of consumption, a variety of communications, poetic participation in the world around us, and help to our planet.

We invite everyone to visit the exhibition "At the Edge of Nature: Black Forest" at the Vyksa art residence. Admission is free, registration is via the link.

Anyone can visit the exhibition at the OMK Vyksa History Museum, admission is free.