Vyksa Art Residence opens an exhibition of children’s works «Beginning»


Art-residence "Vyksa" invites everyone to visit the exhibition "Beginning", which will be held from October 2 to October 23 in the Palace of Culture. Lepse.

The exhibition of participants in children's workshops VYKSAAIRkids tells about how contemporary art develops thinking in children - from training and practice, they go the path of contemporary artists - to the exhibition of their projects.

Children study the theory of contemporary art, are not afraid to experiment, create collages, objects, installations, and finally, their works become part of the exposition and museum collection. This experience of manifestation in a professional environment creates the foundation for future creative growth and self-expression.

The exhibition allows us to trace how children's fantasies are similar to the views of contemporary artists. The VyksaAirKids program has shown that small artists can be not only “naive” and spontaneous, but also interesting to a large audience.

Admission is free, registration is at the link.