Across Three Laughing Thresholds

4 May, Friday, 17:30 | Cultural Centre Volna

In the lecture "Across Three Laughing Thresholds", the artist will look at laughter culture in its development from ritual laughter in the archaic age to the idea of skomoroshestvo and foolishness in the Middle Ages and to actionism in contemporary art.

In laughter culture, forms create the unofficial character of the world, the individual and human relationships. They build a second world and a second life on the other side of everything official. Slava will dedicate his project in Vyksa to this theme.

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Entrance is free.

Slava Nesterov is an artist working with installation, sculpture, graphics and digital art. The main principles of his work are deconstruction of myths and work with post-history, on the ruins of which a new "life world" is born. Born in Perm, he now lives and works in Moscow.