Artistы Talk: Olesya Lavrinenko and Sasha Gosmant

October 22, 5:00 p.m. in residence.

The artists will talk about their series of collaborative projects "Sessions", which will continue in Vyksa. In this series, they observe the effects of the digital world on the human experience. How our immersion in the digital environment affects us, what emotions we have, how it affects society and familiar objects.

Sasha will talk about how an artist chooses a material - a medium - for his work, about its importance and how idea and medium are interconnected in an artist's work. We will consider what are the hidden connections.

Olesya will introduce her project for the digital public art festival Future Cities. For which she created objects placed in the meta universe and huge inflatable sculptures for the public space.

Admission is free.
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Olesya Lavrinenko is a multimedia artist from Novorossiysk who now lives and works in Moscow. In her work she asks how our physical bodies are connected to the digital world in the face of intense technological and social change.

Sasha Gosmant was born in Cheboksary. She currently lives and works in Moscow and in Lille. She is interested in the problems of collective experience in an eco-technological future, how the spiritual intertwines with the technological.