Artist Talk: Pedro Gramaxo


July 10, 06:00 pm

Meet our new artist-in-residence Pedro Gramaxo.

During the artist talk Pedro will talk about his artistic practice and his works as well as about the project which he implements in Vyksa. In addition, Pedro will talk about the unit of measure (Mx) he created. The artist uses it to make works that emphasize the contrast between the object and the object’s location.

Pedro Gramaxo is a public artist which means he makes art in an urban environment. Public art is designed to communicate with urban spaces. In his work, Gramaxo focuses on geometric shapes and on placing large-scale installations in townscapes.

In Vyksa, the artist is planning to build installations as part of his Landscape project. Pedro began his project in 2018 and looked for wide open spaces from the standpoint of an urban landscape and size, such as Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland. Gramaxo is planning to explore our town's natural landscapes and contexts as well as the town’s environs to build his project’s installations.

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