Master class by architect Leonid Batalov "Art-hut"

13 November 13:30

Leonid invites you to take part in live, joint design and construction - we will build an improvised hut right in the backyard of the residence!

Such collective construction was traditional in different countries: in Russian villages, houses for young families were built this way, in Uruguay they are still building this way. The whole settlement, children and adults, come together and everyone makes their own contribution. This is an interesting, unifying experience that Leonid would like to share with the Vyksa residents.

If you wish, you can bring whatever you consider building materials and they will take their place in our art hut!

Free admission, registration via the link.
- - -
You can visit the art residence only upon presentation of one of the following documents:
- certificate of preventive vaccination against COVID-19;
- certificate of immunization;
- a universal event visitor document.